How I use twitter

my sort of twitter policy

I use lists

You can see I don’t follow anyone. I use public and private lists instead. While this can be seen as asocial behaviour by some, for me it’s a good practice since I have everything grouped by topic.

I don’t buy following everyone for the sake of getting more followers. I want a good signal/noise ratio and try to keep up with the content of each list. It’s a good way to cope with the information overload.

You can see my public lists on as an example to build yours.

I use Hootsuite

I use Hootsuite for managing my lists. Their free plan is enough for me since it allows up to 3 accounts to be managed from the same hootsuite account. In addition, they have a nice android app which saves me a lot of time (browsing rapidly all the lists/topics to decide any action).

Private lists helps you preserve your privacy (or even hide to others that you are actually following them). So, if you are an active twitter friend of mine, don’t be mad at me. Maybe I’m following you by means of a private list.

Other twitter accounts

I also manage the @apicv and @pnapi_es twitter accounts from the same hootsuite account. APICV is the CS teachers association in the Valencian Community. PNAPI is the national counterpart, aggregating all CS teacher associations from all over Spain. If you are a member of any of them and want to help, please contact me. You can always mention these twitter accounts if you find something interesting for CS teachers using ‘/cc @apicv’ or ‘/cc @pnapi_es’ at the end of your tweet.